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I am so thankful that I used my better judgement and tried the Plant Derived Minerals, instead of dismissing them as “just another health product.”

1: Suspected Alzheimer’s – A Testimonial:

  • …and another distributor who’s father was feared to be getting Alzheimer’s…
  • was not sleeping and losing weight by the day …
  • now, after only four weeks of plant derived minerals,
  • sleeping fully, putting on weight ..
  • as sharp as a knife and just b****red off to Italy on holiday….
  • having stopped ALL medication

I received my pack 2 weeks ago and started taking my tablets right away. I have suffered with pain in my knees for many years, football, cricket, squash and I am now an indoor bowler.

For years when I have bowled I have to take pain killers 20/30 mins into the game, in the last 2 weeks I have bowled about 10/12 games (2 hours per game) and I have taken a party of handicapped people for a 2 hours coaching session.

In all that time my co-codamol tablets have stayed by my locker. Also due to broken bone in my wrist from 47 years ago I haven’t been able to bend my right thumb across to my little finger, I can now.

As well as these two, for years I haven’t been able to move my left arm above my head when sleeping face down, guess what, I can now.

3: “I am a 63 year old and suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Since taking Sizzling Minerals I thought that the good feelings I was experiencing were possible psychosomatic, as I had this kind of experience with other products.However after months of taking a wafer a day the MS symptoms are still there but I have never felt as healthy as I am right now.

I have stopped taking the prescribed medication and I am not missing it one bit.

I recommend that everyone should take a wafer a day”

Mike (not me…! I’m just a tad bit older than 63!)